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  1. Hi Guys Need a bit of advice as i've never had to do this before. A customer has asked me to add some microphones into interview rooms at a housing association offices. The rooms are used to chat with residents (not staff) There is already a camera in each room. They would like to be able to switch on/off the audio recording and bring on a 'recording in progress' light when needed, this is obviously straight forward but I need to know which microphones you guys would recommend, I know nothing about voice recording so any info would be a great help. Thanks
  2. Right then chaps Just been for a survey and the client has 6 Italian whippets ranging from 6-16kg. She says they jump up onto window sills/worktops and they have free reign of the house when the humans are out. Any ideas on pet immune detectors or just tell her to lock them in a room when she goes out? Was thinking of contacts on all windows but she was thinking of having it policed so this wouldnt give me my confirmed alarm. Bit stumped at the moment so any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. You're a gent, Thankyou
  4. bud, who are Enterprise? do you have a link?
  5. Hi guys I don't suppose anybody knows where to get aluminium (aluminum for any americans out there) conduit and fittings. It's about 10-15mm OD with clamp down corners, terminations and T-pieces. I've used it loads in the past but never bought it as there was always plenty of stock in the stores.
  6. Hi guys. Hopefully somebody can help. I've had a client with several residential sites enquire about the replacement of Tunstall equipment, they seem pretty desperate to get away from this equipment but i'm really struggling to find an adiquate replacement. I need the main door unit to have a keypad with large buttons for residents with arthritis, the internal unit needs to be 'hands free' (no hand set) but also with a large button to answer and to release the entry door. Ideally these units wiil also need to be adapted to use with a pendant worn around their necks. This is everything that the current equipment does so i'm hoping one of you wonderful guys know of something. PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEE XXX
  7. Like James said but they do have their place. I had one in my shed for years protecting motorbikes and tools. Damp horrible place and the little fella just did its stuff and never went wrong. Wouldn't have one for the house though (i know it sounds contradictory) I also fitted a stack of them in some rather nice holiday cottages (although they were hidden in cupboards because they are ugly as sin) years ago and never heard a peep from them. Basic things but they do work well for what they are designed for.
  8. Jesus, nothing like shooting a guy down when he's feeling good is there.
  9. Feeling a bit smug really and want to tell the world. 8 months of hard work has paid off. I was expecting the auditer to "file" all my paperwork in the nearest trash receptcial and he seemed to love everything. Passed the inspection with flying colours. So now my company is SSAIB acredited for Intruder, CCTV and Access control. Nearly went out and bought a gold star to stick to my chest.
  10. I tend to work out how long it would take me while im on site then add a quarter of that again for the lads. Seems to work so far but ive only been in this roll fro a year now, Installing all the time before that. Min 1 hour to fit camera, make off ends, connect, zoom and focus properly. Then its just working out cabling times, obviously quicker for Cat 5 than it is for coax
  11. guys, had a "universal" (aka doesnt fit **** all) fob reader on a system, the existing impro reader works fine but the new one doesn't work. Apparently it may be reading the fob code in a different order. rboth readers are 26 bit. The Impro stuff seems to be really nice apart from this problem.
  12. Hi fellas, I don't suppose anybody out there has got a phone number for tech have they? The website is down at the moment and I have a bit of an issue logging on a weigand reader. Many thanks
  13. Anything Gent is a nightmare. This and Fike (Rafiki) Sita are very similar as designed by the same folks. Just like goncall said, things can go very badly very quickly. Give the tech line a call.
  14. Have you got a complete tyamper circuit? if not, on the G3/G4 type panels they will lock you out.
  15. This is hilarious, I can imagine somebody messing about in a shed inventing this, taking it to the 'Dragons' only to be told how rediculous it is and they should carry on with their career as a burger flipper and forget the £100,000 and house remortgage they have invested in it. It actually looks like a legitimate device in my opinion, makes great sense!
  16. They are not bad panels, pretty straight forward really. On a Euro panel all the -ve's are common, Its not good practice but if cabling for extra devices is an issue then it is possible to get 4 devices on 1 6core cable. Red = +ve, black = -ve, use each other colour as a zone wire and take a -ve from the power -ve to the tamper terminal. Again its NOT good practice but can get you out of a sticky situation.
  17. i'd be a bit carefull with 8 core, it is easy to stick a leg through it and cause issues, 6 core tends to be fine. Stapling around skirting, architrave and coving i find tends to be a lot neater and lest intrusive than trunking. Just run a bit of decorators chalk across the cable to blend it into ceiling/walls. Magnolia chalk is heaven sent
  18. Haha 9500 limbs, start messing with those bad boys is a fate worse than death. Bloody nightmare!!
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