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The Duke Id Back :)

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any gamers amongst us?

one of the most iconic eary FPS games on the PC was the Doom Series, there were others but Duke Nukem 3D added some adult humour, if a bid crude. it was the first game i ever played multiplayer, linking 2 pc's over a laplink cable. we could not put it down.

a new game is about to be launched bringing our potty mouthed hero back in from the cold to save the world - er! well really to make us all laugh. the earlier game had working tolets, if you got duke to the urinal and pressed the action button he took a p and says 'beeter', press again and he says "ah much better". you go up to the dancers and he pass some very rude comments, ground breaking features few hve bettered.

any game fans who have played Rainbow Six Las Vagas will have some idea of what to expect from comments like the terrorists shouting "they killed him? - that biitch owed me money" and "what do we do know?" - "try growing some balls and shoot back", that game still creases me after over 3 years and many hours of play, imho one of the best ever on-line shooters made.

as long as your not sensative, take a look at the trailers, this one is an official and censored,


anothere shows the game to an audiance which is not censored - very very funny and watch to the end.

out in the UK on May 6, i have already placed my order, just can't wait.


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