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  1. The name doesn't ring a bell, What department is he in? Im R&D
  2. Ha Ha Adi, Thought you wre well and truely minted for a moment there... Yes, Gent on the Hamilton estate, Troon way. Been there 4 years, but ready to move on I think. I miss the physical work, and installs etc Cant be doing the office job anymore
  3. Hi Used to be that side of town, Now Wigston. What sort of size company do you run, if you dont mind me asking? Am hoping to get more into monitored security and fire. Work for Gent at the mo Regards Dom
  4. ah, poor lads Bet they had to put blocks on the van pedals so they could reach. Doesn't give a very professional appearance to a company I guess. Where abouts in Leicester are you Adi? just out of interest Regards Dom
  5. Hi Adi Thanks for the reply got an offer, didnt accept it, for a few reasons Hey Ho Dom
  6. Hi Does anyone know anything about "Squire Alarms" In Leicester Ive recently applied for a job with them. Just trying to find out what sort of reputation they have, what kit they install etc If anyone has any info on them it would be much appreciated. Many thanks Dom
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