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  1. As it’s happening at night, I wonder if one of the users is leaving the handset off the hook (thinking it won’t disturb them)? If they leave it flat in a surface you are likely to get feedback from that.
  2. Grade 4 is high security, typically used in defence sector. SSG manufacture a Grade 4 compliant panel, but you will need appropriate security clearance to obtain any technical information on this equipment.
  3. Has anyone else experienced issues programming access cards into a Galaxy panel? I have connected a DCM and added readers (compatible HID Prox readers), the panel can see the readers ok. However, when I get to View Batch, or add a card via the Nominated Batch Reader, the card data (number) is not detected or displayed on the system keypad ( I just get the display with - - -> - - - - - - - - as if it’s waiting for the card to be presented). The cards are being read by the card reader ok (it beeps and flashes green to indicate card read) but the panel does not seem to be receiving the card data. I am using default 26 bit weigand protocol (card format 0 / default in menu 69) and cards are 26 bit HID. I have switched the readers and DCM. Have also updated Dimension panel firmware to latest. Any ideas? Thanks. Gary
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