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  1. Hi Galaxy Guy

    Can you tell me if a CO79-2 is compatible with my GD3 520 running V7.02 the guy i bought the CO79-2 unit from is saying it is not



    1. GalaxyGuy


      Yes, it is.  The c079 module was supported since 6.50

    2. David1


      Thanks, as you mentioned before would it be more advisable to get a unit from a security supplier rather than on ebay

  2. Have tried on line 1 and 2 with address set to 0 and 1 on both lines my keypad is set to 0 on line 1 at the moment
  3. hi, the version n0 is 7.02 and have tried all addresses up to 8
  4. Hi I have got a Galaxy Dimension 520 and i am trying to connect a CO79-2 rf portal to my panel (line2) have got a keypad connected to line 1. The red LED is on a slow flash (bad communication) on the CO79-2 pcb. Have tried all combinations for connections with no success. the main board has a line expansion board fitted. Have i missed something in setting up or is the RF unit faulty (ebay) although new and boxed. Any advice Thanks Dave
  5. thanks for your help

  6. I will have to check, as a matter of interest where is the led and relay situated on the board to check it is nothing obvious
  7. Cheers sounds as though I’ve been done
  8. The keypad address is set to 0 and there are no lights showing on the main board
  9. Hi everyone, I am to this forum and I am looking for some advice. Have recently bought a GD 48 alarm, C037 keypad and standby battery, I have also replaced the on board button battery. My problem is that the keypad is showing ************ and I cannot get past this on power up. Have read previous posts with no success con anyone help. Thanks
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