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  1. Hi, guys! I need your advice on providing a security service. It seems that the criminal level will grow soon due to the pandemic. My friends' house was robbed last month. By the way, they had a security system. The robbers just unblocked it and came in. Now I am a little worried about mine. We do not work from home now, but my daughter has remote classes, so she is always at home. I am looking for a reliable system to protect our house. I saw some good reviews about TSI. Does anyone use that. I know that they have a simple controlling system through an app and their system cannot be unblock
  2. im not sure i recall that panel due to age but is the zone light on as well or just the tamper light. Also when you close both tamper switches do you get the tx led to flash on the contact?
  3. Is this ALL ID biscuits are no longer being made? ID+ included?
  4. You probably just need to acknowledge the mains fail.
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