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  1. All good so far. Enabled engineers mode and was able to power down using the keypad. Hopefully this means the keypad and board are ok. Thanks for all your help Ok thanks. I'll keep this in mind when looking into PIRs
  2. Right I misunderstood you. Are the pet ones not reliable?
  3. Will do. Bought it used and only get a few days to determine if faulty so hopefully no errors. Didn't pay much for it so was a risk worth taking
  4. Ok thanks was not aware. Powered up once to see if it worked. I'll wait for the keypad to arrive before I do it again. I will now. I guess there's nothing in particular to look out for then
  5. thanks. Yes all external entries have sensors. I had considered using PIRs for home automation but from what I've read on this forum that may not be easily achievable. As you say I'll just stick with the windows and door sensors for now.
  6. Hi all, New to the alarm game. I've recently had extensive work done at my house and took the opportunity to put alarm cables at all windows and external doors and for a couple for PIRs. Purchased a used flex 50 from ebay. I've powered it up and seems to be showing the right signs of working properly (led on after 30 secs then flashing every 1.5 secs). I also have a mk8 prox keypad arriving soon. Is there anything I can do to check the keypad is functioning ok so I know if I need to return it? Also, any recommendations for PIRs (have no pet at the moment but might in
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