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  1. There is a huge difference between buying cheap hardware and being smart by only paying for better aesthetics where they are needed. Good job on trying to be smart there though ?
  2. On the odd occasion you lock the door where your keys are kept
  3. If the addon panel was connected at setup time wouldn't the glaxy panel then consider it to be "part of the sensor" if you know what I mean, as the resistance would then change including the addon board?
  4. Well at least everyone now knows where to go with the pry bar after entering ?
  5. Hmm what does balanced circuits mean exactly? so you couldn't just wire a Konnected.io panel to the same zone terminals as a sensor?
  6. But then if your keys are accessible when an intruder gets in they can disarm in a few seconds right? Just want to be clear on that's how it works Of course it would be stupid to leave them accessible but accidents happen and it seems like a huge issue to me. I guess everyone's homes, cars and lifestyle are different so who knows!
  7. Well you are spot on especially with these extenders and such these days I don't leave my keys by the front door. However surely this depends on what is more valuable right to determine the risk. I also just don't see a huge convenience of placing a fob against the panel over typing in a code, unless I'm totally missing something here!
  8. Well it looks alright, better than the MK7 ? I don't see the touchpanel warrants any extra money, looks quite cheap to me comparing it to devices like Nest stats etc. It will literally be used to arm/disarm because everything else can be done from the mobile app anyway And I'm not going for the Prox one because that just seems stupid to me from a security standpoint, like if you drop your keys, loose the fob, or leave your keys by the front door which my wife will prob do all the time!
  9. mk7 is cheaper and will be in the server cupboard, whereas the mk8 looks nicer and will be in the hall . That's assuming you're wondering why i'm getting both. Yea I wasn't going to let AMCO touch anything in the house, even run cables. The agreement I made with them was to literally install their speaker setup and into the panel and then monitor it haha no! that's for all the points around the house, APs, CCTV (all PoE etc), TVs etc.
  10. Yea this is why I didn't see a need for a bigger panel though, because I'm getting the wireless addon I can add contact to any windows that I missed. I agree more working space is nice, I'm used to bigger cables but I don't see any additional wires of boards going in here that I've not already got?
  11. I thought the GSM module was for backup for dual path signalling is that not right? Can you expand on what is too small about the flex20? Im not using the door control and only have a 5 bed house so tbought it would be ok as it says for medium size businesses!
  12. Gone for this kit: C005-M-E2 - Flex 20 Panel v3.1 Firmwar CP050-00-01 - MK8 Keypad CP037-XX - MK7 Keypad A083-00-01 - Ethernet Module v3 firmware A073-00-01 - RF Portal v3 firmware A081-00-01 - GSM module
  13. Again I think the discussion around monitoring company went off topic too, I did some research but AMCO were the only ones who seemed interested in helping, and another firm in Knightsbridge I can't remember their name. If my insurance company is happy with them as a monitoring station I don't see the problem if their services work. Happy to hear feedback but everything online seems positive, more so than ADT. Also happy to hear other suggestions for South East monitoring.
  14. I've already run all the cables, no issue there. No I don't want something cheap, I talked with AMCO because they offered the ability to add their equipment alongside one of these boards that I may add on. ADT, no thanks, the rep who came out was a complete *****, excuse my french.
  15. Everything is already run, I've run all the sensors many months ago when we had a lot of work done, alone with probably 50 Cat6 I'm going with the Dimension or Flex, just deciding atm.
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