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  1. Hi, Rec 1 is set to the selfmon ip on port 10022, selfmon account number 17**** As trial also set Rec2 too gx app, ip on port 10000 Thanks
  2. Consider "KonectedIO" , panel upgrade it pigybacks on existing Panel connections ~$90. basically reading sensor states. existing panel is not to accessable from Smart thing/ internet but can be made be.
  3. Suitably chastised Thought I could edit original post
  4. Hi, guys I am new usder to this forum althoughbeed lurking for awhile reading reviews. After bit of reserch decided to replace absolete CS350 system with new GALAXY fx20 from Security Wearhouse. Which is now installed including Ethernet module and fully programed. with no major issues. looking for some help with SelfMon set up. You guys seem to be the most knowlegable. My issue is that I have configured the panel for ARC to sent message to Selfmon and Galaxy GXapp but not getting any output messege sussfull on test @56.7 nor anyting on SelfMon. IP > port 10001 (Static not DHCP) > >> Honeywell encryption - Off Create a receiver Ie. No 1. 56.1.1- (ARC Notify - Receivers) > Receiver 1 set to > 4 > (Ethernet) > (Rec 1) (REC2) I have set reciever up as Galaxy GX ARC reciever, IP and account. 1= Destination - set to >port no 10022, Ip Portcheck 10022 ? 2= Format (Rec Path 1) set to 2 (Microtech) 3= Autotest set 1 intervals to 00:30 set > 2 ,Account No. to 17*** 56.1.2 -(ARC Notify - Reports) 1 > ARC 1 ACCOUNT NO - 17*** 2 >TRIGGERS (ENABLE ALL) 3 > RX Sequence Enter 1. ( This should got to 12 now as far as i understand as I have set up Rec2 ) 56.1.3 -(ARC Notify - COMM Fail Time) Set to 480 56.7 Eng test Receiver 1(FAILING) I can connect On the LAN WiFi side to panel with GX and SelfMon App. I can ping the Self mon IP from the laptop. Guys any help would be appreciated as to what I am doing wrong. PS Seperatly, the 10 year old Vodafone router HG658c will not port forward port 10001. Vodafone reluctantly have agreed to upgrade router and its in the post. Thanks again in advance.
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