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  1. Thanks Peter. To be honest, the main thing I want is just to be able to use my motion sensors in a more advanced way - i.e. linking them to my Hue/Smartthings/Alexa smart home setup. I was going to purchase Hue motion sensors to control when the lights come on/off but struck me that I already have sensors across the house so makes sense to see how I could use those first.
  2. Thanks. I wouldn't be able to do it myself so would need an installer, but more than happy to do that if I know what I need to purchase etc. Happy to change control panel if needed too.
  3. Hi all, apologies if this is in anyway a stupid question but I could very much use some expert advice with this please! Essentially, I moved into a new-build property a couple of years ago and it has what I believe to be the 'Scantronic 9751' alarm system installed. Is there a way this can be upgraded to make it more 'smart' and/or connected? Ideally I'd like to be able to remotely monitor it, and use the motion sensors that are in each room in a more intelligent way (i.e. connecting to Alexa/Hue/Google/Homekit/Smartthings etc.). Presumably I'll have to replace the 9751
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