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  1. It was direct line guys I explained that I had inherited the system when I moved in I’d had a local installed come and reset it and service it when I moved in so I could use it and they where happy with that and I had received around a £50 per year discount on my premium simply by telling them I have an alarm fitted touch wood I’ve never had situation where it has ever needed to be brought into question but thank you all for your help and concerns system is all back and working just fine now and with the upgrades I’d asked for help and advice on I would have got my local installer to do it but I think he has retired as I haven’t been able to get in touch for a couple of years and can’t fined another at a sensible price point
  2. But I haven’t reset anything yet I have the lid of the external and all powered down still what should be my next step
  3. Ok so I used to have user code but that doesn’t seam to work anymore how do I reset to give me back default user and engineer coax to I can work on the system
  4. Now I read on another forum that there is a type of reset that doesn’t wipe programming
  5. Ok done that thanks Logan so I have powered down entirely main fuse battery backup and extreme rain siren battery I have wired in new keypad as old 9930 was dead can I now default reset to give me back engineer code? and if so am best to use jumpers to short kick start and nvs pins
  6. No I know that but I’d it in the area I marked in the second picture
  7. I’ve read policy and spoken to insurance i can maintain myself and as said before I do get minimal discount but something is better than nothing
  8. Am I right in thinking the iirc jumper is the orange resistor type thing in here
  9. Yeah I can see the battery but not how to disconnect it with out pretty much taking whole unit out
  10. Any one any idea where battery back up connection is in here
  11. If I added perimeter sensors I’d have to look into expanders and things and the new sensors would have to be wireless as I’ve just finished refurbish and decorating the house
  12. Your point being whistle all genuine non confusing advice welcome ed
  13. Losing hearing not good but shredding towel sounds cool
  14. If I added perimeter sensors I’d have to look into expanders and things and the new sensors would have to be wireless as I’ve just finished refurbish and decorating the house
  15. It’s something I’m thinking of but reality is there is someone in the house almost all the day it’s more to keep insurance happy and a bit more piece of mind I live in a safe area as safe as can be
  16. The system already has optex rx 40 just swapping to the same but pet tolerant as I now have a small cat
  17. My plan is to pull main fuse this I understand cuts the high voltage then disconnect external battery back up then open lid and pull fuses and battery back up then default reset power down and wire in new keypad check system working and power down again and swap out pir’s
  18. Hold on I’m getting confused your telling me to disconnect battery and fused in the box after pulling main fuse but now you telling me can’t remove lid I case of tamper and busted keypad so how am I ment to power down and reset without opening the lid and without a working keypad??
  19. That’s fine can I not take off the red and black connections on the battery itself it needs changing anyway
  20. So the pic with the battery looks very similar to my system keypad is nothing like what I have or what I’m looking to fit
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