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  1. This is now resolved. It was the cable that was at fault, I tested with a fresh piece and all worked so replaced the old and now up and running. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  2. Many thanks for your reply sixwheeledbeast, I will change the cable in the hope of resolving this, is there any other reason that you know of why this may occur?
  3. Admin, apologies, please can this post be moved to the correct area.
  4. Hi, hope someone can advise on my issue, I have a problem with my Texacom Veritas Excel alarm. I have installed 2 texacom PIR's to the system for now, with a view to adding more later. I am using EOL technology. When powering up the system there is an error shown on the keypad display which reads Addr:1 Lid:Shut. I have added an image of this to this post. This appears to be an issue with the keypad which I cannot move on from or porgramme the system. When remove the keypad from the back plate the LCD then shows Addr:1 Lid:Open but again this does not alow me to move on. Is this going to be a keypad fault or am I missing something. I have tried looking on the internet with no luck.
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