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  1. You can change a device as long as it’s like for like and also do so without stopping the loop, but you will have to be able to safe address if needed and potentially back it up. It is not advised to back up without a current download though. It can be a bit of a mine field but easy systems to use once you get used to them. If the choice of using a gent certified engineer is there I would say go for that to be safe. I’ve just seen the date on this but may still be relevant
  2. Haha i knew someone would pick me up on that.
  3. I’ve had a read through and I just have to get to my 5 new posts (4 to go) and then I will be able to apply to the trade section. Thanks for the welcome
  4. Good evening everyone. I saw this through a google search and thought I would sign up and say hi. Little background about me: i have been in fire and security for 2 years so I am very early in my career (despite being 35yrs old) and love my job. I am primarily service engineer but have been learning more remedial works and installation. I look forward to being active on the site
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