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  1. I was doing a job in Netherton in Dudley last year where the homeowner had passed away and the family wanted the building securing. I opened an airing cupboard and there in front of me on top of a blanket was an immaculately preserved WW2 Mills grenade. I had seen enough of them during my time at Warminster to know that this one looked very real. One visit from EOD and one controlled explosion in Netherton Park later confirmed that it was indeed very real and then it was back to work. I was especially careful as to where I worked on anything in that house after that.
  2. Hi all, I suppose this should be in the "subcontractor" section really but I haven't posted enough times to be let in there yet so here goes. We are currently swapping a CTec XFP 2 loop for a CTec ZFP 4 loop due to the XFP now being at capacity. We were due to do the ZFP training course in Wigan at CTecs place but Covid has cancelled all of the courses. We did an "online" course and have the ZFP software but I am just not confident enough to do this based on the training we have had. I need a subbie that is experienced with this panel to "transfer" the programming from
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