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  1. All sorted, I navigated to the onboard addresses and then used RF options to link it. Interestingly I had issues pairing with Alpha mode so had to select V2, but it’s all working.
  2. Yes, I have done that and only have 8 virtual addresses 1021 to 1028. i have two portals, so where it mentions the RIO I did this with the first RF Portal.
  3. I have followed your link but in menu 52.60.1 I only see the one batch of 8 RF addresses. you mention enumeration - how do I do that?
  4. Hi @GalaxyGuy, Thanks for replying even when you are on holiday - your help is appreciated! I did come across this post, but I didn't understand how it translated to two RF Portals. Do I now just go to 52.1 and select a hardwired address and then select RF options within that address, then pair the device to that? If I do this, do I need to override the tamper for that hardwired channel then? Thanks, Neil
  5. I have nothing wired on the board, I only use the RF portals. The unused hardwired are set to spare, do I need to turn these off completely? Thanks, Neil
  6. Hi Gents, i have learned a lot from the forum and want to thank you, but I am also after your help for something I cannot find the answer to. I have a Honeywell Flex 20 and it has 2 RF Portals attached, they are both blinking to indicate that they are communicating with the bus, if I pull the tamper link they both pop up on the keypad with their correct addresses. However, I am only seeing the range of addresses for 1 of the portals when I try to connect wireless devices... any ideas? Thank you in advance. Neil
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