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  1. yeah ..i agree. But since that was fitted there have been changes that involve moving 3 PIR anyway, and a new contact on the patio doors etc ...and i just didnt fancy clipping cable around again plus "she" thinks it looks messy. plus we have 2 psycho jack russells and the alarm is only a second line of defence LOL. I didnt pay that for the yale.i think it was £225 and i had to use a £50 credit note from screwfix anyway....so cheaper still But with all this in mind ...is there anything technically "wrong" with running a DC supply from say an a
  2. Hi All I have just purchased one of those Yale IA220 kits https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273144001997?ul_noapp=true I know, I know ....I would have been better off with a Pyronix or something a bit more beefy! but we are struggling with the old cash-ola. I have fitted alarms in the past ...but i am NOT a professional ...so I have only done it for myself. Currently we have an old Gardiner one ...It was great ...20 years ago ...but it turned its toes up last year and so I opted for an easy fit one ...as some of the sensors are also knacked and the P
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