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  1. yeah ..i agree. But since that was fitted there have been changes that involve moving 3 PIR anyway, and a new contact on the patio doors etc ...and i just didnt fancy clipping cable around again plus "she" thinks it looks messy. plus we have 2 psycho jack russells and the alarm is only a second line of defence LOL. I didnt pay that for the yale.i think it was £225 and i had to use a £50 credit note from screwfix anyway....so cheaper still But with all this in mind ...is there anything technically "wrong" with running a DC supply from say an adaptor up the 6 core with a feed going to the siren (to power bell and presumably wifi module) and another feed going to a comfort LED?...or even a lithium battery pack i could tuck away in a small easily accessible project box
  2. Hi All I have just purchased one of those Yale IA220 kits https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273144001997?ul_noapp=true I know, I know ....I would have been better off with a Pyronix or something a bit more beefy! but we are struggling with the old cash-ola. I have fitted alarms in the past ...but i am NOT a professional ...so I have only done it for myself. Currently we have an old Gardiner one ...It was great ...20 years ago ...but it turned its toes up last year and so I opted for an easy fit one ...as some of the sensors are also knacked and the PIR's are a bit tatty ... So I am going to give this a whirl at weekend ..problem is the bell box ...I am COOL with everything else being wireless. But the current box is in a god-awful position and and yo have to go up a ladder and then lay on your belly on a dormer roof to get to it. Leave it on ..I thought ..but as its rusty and grubby the wife wants it off ...but as we have had the house painted and stuff several times where it is looks like a completely different render and so i want to fix the yale box on the top of this c**p. Problem is ... 1. I dont want to have to nip up every few years and change the batteries (as i am not getting any younger) 2. The gardiner used to have a "comfort LED" ..i think they are called and i was hoping to fit one in this yale box too As the 6 wire cable is 100% fine and is going to the new panel location...is there any way i can fit something downstairs in or near the alrm panel box that will power the box and give me a simple LED ....without using batteries that are dangerous to reach ? any advice is appreciate Paul
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