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  1. Thx for the replies. It looks similar to a Molex 4-way KK housing PCB interconnect with 4 flying wires, but I haven't measured the pins to see if the dimensions are a match.
  2. Hi Does anyone know where I can get hold of a communicator connector cable for the 9448? It's part number 485127. Thx Jon
  3. Thx sixwheeledbeast. I had been left no info on the alarm, had to find the user and install guides online, had to do a walk test to find out which rooms corresponded to which zones, had to reset to factory defaults because the engineer code wasn't known and had to work out how the speech dialler was set-up. Have now configured everything but as you say it's pretty basic - I had an i-on40 hybrid in my last house that was great. I think I'll swap this alarm out - something else to add to the to-do list.
  4. Hi I've just moved into a new house and I've inherited a Scantronic 9448ES alarm with a 9427 remote keypad and I want to re-configure it. I have a copy of the 9448+ Style Installation and Programming Guide, document 496574 issue 3 (attached). The guide describes the default settings and configuration options for all zones except zone 4. I'm not sure why zone 4 was not included - a typo? Can anyone advise zone 4's default settings, its 'change use' command code and its configuration options? Thx. Jaybeuu
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