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  1. Thanks for this everyone! I'll call round a few more companies. Unfortunately www.nsi.org.uk and ssaib.co.uk both seem to be having trouble with their websites at the moment. The search doesn't work on either of them. I've been looking on checkatrade.com and have found a couple of well reviewed people who are members of SSAIB. Thanks
  2. We moved into our house about 6 years ago and there was an ADT alarm fitted. We chose not to continue using them, mainly as the salesman was so sleazy it put us off. The alarm has mostly been working fine since then, but now it has started going off randomly. I contacted the local alarm and lock company in the high street, but they said they couldn't do anything unless the alarm had been engineer unlocked. I contacted ADT about getting this done and they said I would have to pay £250 for them to unlock it (which seems extortionate and I am reluctant to do). Can anyone give me ad
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