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  1. a 100m level infrared beam sensor is not recommended to be installed in such a short distance, emitting infrared from transmitter is pretty strong that some of them could spread and reflect via obstacles nearby to the receiver.
  2. are you sure this ceiling PIR shown on picture is a wired intrusion PIR detector rather than a light control PIR sensor? as a wired intrusion PIR detector it comes with 5 cables is because two of them(usually red and black) serve as power input, and the other 3 serve as alarm output specifically they represent NC, NO and COM from a relay, among them you wire NC/COM to your alarm panel at hardwired zone, this ceiling PIR on picture looks like to me a decent PIR so i wonder if it should have been designed with a solid state relay rather than a electromechanical relay, so it might come with only 4 cables, this is strange. Your current has 6 cables in my opinion two of them serve as power input, another two serve alarm output(NC/COM or NO/COM), the last two serve as tamper switch.
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