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  1. Hey guys I found this site and I read a lot of interesting articles there. I hope you also find some which are interesting to you These are the two areas I found particularly informative for me: http://www.securityelectronicsandnetworks.com/articles/alarms http://www.securityelectronicsandnetworks.com/articles/installations Be warned though, some of their reviews are a bit overly enthusiastic IMO.
  2. (but I still don't know what alarm latch and pre alarm fetures mean
  3. 1. this is a side interest I do on top of studying at uni, working and private life. 2. setting up a company is costly and cumbersome here and even after setting up I would have to do a lot of bureaucratic paperwork every year. (tax papers even if I have no income, commerce chamber charges etc.) and all of this, while I have 0 intention to ever do this professionally or commercially, just to satisfy my curiosity. On top of all that I think in order to be registered as a company setting up alarms I would have to make a course 1.5 years long, costing around 800 quid and taking up 3 days every week. I looked it up that is the training for alarm technicians. At least that is the straight way to setting up company related to alarms. Probably there are other ways but I'm not aware of them. I don't have so much money for it and I don't have so much time for it.
  4. I thought about that and did ask the sales rep a couple of stupid newb questions, but they have a dim view on DIY setups and keep recommending me that I should consult an installer. Which of course isn't helpful because I don't want it to be installed anywhere apart from a big thick plywood board in the shed.
  5. Oh, now I think I udnerstand why you said it looks like a sales pitch. I've been asking about satels because I got a satel panel with sensors and I'm curious about them. And as I learn more and more I sometimes run into questions, and if I can't find the answer I ask it I don't recommend satels, I don't not recommend them. I'm curious because I wish to learn more by reading up and playing with the panel. Plus why would it be a sales pitch? I don't think a newbie asking questions about it is the best way to advertise a product :D
  6. @Yeti: see second post, click the upper link then on the site here is a list of fetures. The third mentioned feture is pre alarm.
  7. ohh, I understand now Vince, thank you for clearing that well I'm not affiliated with any maker of alarms
  8. I see Not sure on the answer to your question TBH, I'm only at the very beginning of the learning curve. All I know is what I gathered from Satel's site, descriptions and the manuals. The only other place I found resistance values in the installation manual is where it describes that with CA-64 E and CA-64EPS types of zone expansion sets I should use the 1.1 Ohm in dEOL and 2.2 in EOL setup, but not mention of what should be used apart from the afore mentioned wide gap.
  9. Satel pre-alarm feature: http://www.satel.pl/en/product/207/AQUA%20Plus,Digital-PIR-motion-detector alarm latch feature: http://www.satel.pl/en/product/204/GRAPHITE,Advanced-digital-motion-detector
  10. Hey guys, I was wonderign what brand of sensors (PIR, combination, glass break etc.) do You use and prefer? You can choose more than one so you can mark all of the brands you like. Share your opinion If you have other brand you prefer, or want to mention specific type you are especally fond of after the voting, do so in the comments
  11. Nope I just re-cheked to be sure. Satel Versa installer manual version 1.03 pg19 (Chapeter 3.6) (In case you find an english version) The value of closing resitance in EOL and 2EOL loops is programmable between 500 Ohm and 15KOhm. I'd snap a picture but it's not in english. @Yeti: Thanks for the insight @Vince: Mine didn't include any resistors, but I called satel and it's supposed to have included 2.2k Ohms 5% ones and 1.1k Ohms 5% ones. So I think I'll go with those. Why two types btw? Now I'm confuesd again: goes in the PIR in eol? Or is it just so I can wire up 2 in one zone with different resitance values?
  12. Hey guys! I've been going through catalogues and I found these two features but they aren't explained anywhere. alarm latch feature pre-alarm feature Can somebody explain to me what they mean? They were mentioned as features of PIRs.
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