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  1. Are you checking the voltage across the terminals with the loop connected? You should be getting 24v output across all 4 loops with nothing connected. If you are getting 16v with nothing connected then this is way too low and you're looking at a faulty main board. The detectors will work within certain ranges, but your panel will start registering all sorts of weird and wonderful issues if its only outputting 16v. If you're getting 24v with nothing connected you're going to have to start splitting the loop and measuring the voltage at the detectors until you find where the drop is, and that will be your fault. Ive attached a pdf that should explain quite a few things for you too Minerva Addressable Service Instructions.pdf
  2. The system basically adjusts the range in sensitivity of a detector due to dirt/age to reduce false alarms, so after a period of time that threshold will rise to compensate for a 'dirty' chamber. When you replace a head that value is obviously way higher as the new detector is cleaner. Defaulting the threshold is telling the panel your detector is clean I think its under 3.9 something in the menu. Best bet is to download a manual for it if you dont have one
  3. Theres also every chance it could be a faulty base or bad connetion drawing too much current. I would also do a reset point threshold comp. any time you change a device
  4. You wont get high ident faults on mcp's mate, i wouldnt even bother looking there. It certainly looks like the air quality is being affected and this is whats triggering the faults. Could you change the type of detectors to co or heats? That would resolve the issue, other than that, some sort of barrier at the door or extractor fan
  5. If you're experiencing these faults when you open the door and expose the area to dramatic changes in air pressure and quality, i would say that is exactly whats causing the fault, im guessing you only have these activations on optical smokes?
  6. Any high ident faults ive ever came across just meant the heads needed a good clean. Take them down and give them a good blast with a can of compressed air and make sure the terminals are clean as well
  7. ahh Abel...who refuse to reply to e-mails & don't return calls...
  8. Are there any companies who are currently recruiting service/maintenance engineers in the Ayrshire or Glasgow areas? I have 18 years experience in the security industry, 14 of which with a National. i specialise in intruder and fire systems, mainly Microtech, Honeywell, Scantronic, Menvier, Advance, Protec, Minerva and EDA. I also have experience in planning and designing, training, sales, commissioning, administration and team leading. I am based in Ayr, so ideally a KA postcode would be a preferred area to work in, but i have no problem travelling well into the G postcodes. If anyone is interested and would like to know more about me, please send me a message, and i can forward you my CV. Many thanks
  9. yeh, i know that......i was actually looking for what the likes of NACOSS expect you to do
  10. anyone know what the codes of practice are re: 6monthly/yearly inspections on intruder systems, and what checks MUST be carried out to conform to standard?
  11. you could also program the doors as a seperate group, and assign a code for that group so that all he has to do is punch in his code, open as many doors as he likes, then re-arm the group....saves on fitting so many shunts, and cost to the customer
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