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  1. Literally tamper every device one at a time too.
  2. I used to enjoy pulling a system apart and starting from scratch on take overs. Takes a fraction of the time if there are two of you though and half a day to do it thoroughly, which you don't often get anymore. I was the only engineer in the company at first so it made sense to know every system inside out. Rarely touch alarms now.
  3. If you were the owner of a national company say and your code was being dished around publicly on a Facebook group, what would your response be??
  4. Discussion on a FB group at the moment. It's a closed group but no questions are asked when signing up. Someone asked the question wether it was right or not for people to be sharing out engineer codes as freely as has been happening. Seems to be some mixed responses. I know my opinion, just want to get people's responses on here. What is the legality involved in a group like that?
  5. Just thought I would update this post as it may be of help to someone in the future when using idmss or gdmss. turns out to be streaming profiles, when configuring the app for third party cameras you need to select 'main view' instead of 'extra'. 'Extra' view is obviously an streaming profile that only works with Dahua cameras.
  6. I don't see why the creditors can't give Greece an extended grace and cut some of the debt off, at least you'd stand some chance of getting repayed. ECB being too stubborn and shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion. At least the IMF has started to admit the deal needs to be restructured.
  7. Anyone got a spare €50,000,000,000 they want to lend Greece for the next 3 years??
  8. Every motorway in Britain lads, your all screwed! Don't be presumptuous on the long term business aspect.
  9. Not trying to be a hero, just giving a little insight to the stresses of being a sub and getting regular work coming in. I'm no fool and I have no interest working like this forever but for now we are building and keeping a grip on the contracts we manage. I'd like to be managing installs and over-seeing projects in the future, I understand that smashing jobs like this isn't sustainable forever.
  10. Guys, you're taking this way out of proportion hahaha, I've been slacking most of the week and on double days, cheer up God damn it!! lol. Bedtime, alarm set for 4:30, would love to stay up and chat. Hopefully will be done by 11am tomorrow, need to put ones feet up haha
  11. Just don't step into a shop refit on a night shift, you'll be on the phone to hse in minutes lol. Honestly, it's just been a hard week, not always like this. The project we're on is one that can not fail and its not a building site either, nor is it working at height.
  12. It's rough with the smooth. Site work is usually 7am till 7pm at the very latest, staying in hotels and home early on Friday (you'll find most electricians work these hours too)
  13. I was home at 11:30am today and had plenty of rest if that makes you feel any better?
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