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  1. Record the number and report it to the police and obtain a crime reference number. Once you have this, contact BT and report nuisance calling, They have a special unit to deal with this. Once this is all done The Company will be instructed to leave you alone!!! Good Luck
  2. Great bit of kit. I have had mine since January. Linux Ops system. Since then I have purchased another 2. I should of took a few more at the time as I got them for
  3. I am just finishing up an Prosys 40 Install. AGM, GSM, Voice mod, Zexp wired and wireless to boot. Mixed feeling at the moment as I have had a few problems!!!! Not Riscos fault but possibley the delivery firm. Great system, loads of potential though. Good luck with yours
  4. New service offered to those requiring rapid response to Engineer Resets, PMV and CMV. If your interested please contact Mel at Smart Electrics The service will be benerficial to those companeys who are trying to be greener and would like a quicker response in busy areas. Coverage will be for Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Parts of Berkshire.
  5. Yep try calling these guys http://www.tempo-textron.com/support/index.cfm
  6. Sub Contract Electricians required in the North Hampshire and West Berkshire area. Preferbly registered with a recognised organisation. Jobs will involve domestic and commercial work. If your interested please send details and rates to alastair@se-engineers.co.uk Also interested in hearing from self employed Telecoms, Fire, Security engineers
  7. Problem is twoting about with electricity is its gona bite and it so often does. When I was working at an A+E dept, I witnessed what 11kv does when it flashes over someone. The poor sod wasn't mucking around but, it got him just the same. I wouldn't eat pork for years as the smell reminded me of that knight. Unfortunately the bloke died 2 days later, cooked to death. His nerve endings were so burnt he didn't even know what had happened. The outcome of this was that while on his mobile he came in to contact with a live part in the substation. Not a nice way to go!!!
  8. what do ya do then billybell.what ENd of the business are you at. I take you work for a BIG company.
  9. Its a shame! I understand that progression is king but where do you draw the line. I have my NICEIC payments as well to come but Mr smith down the road would rather pay Mr Cash instead. So never really recoup the costs. It is getting harder to make a living.
  10. tis true but al east your income is more protected.
  11. Has this exercise cost any others loads to get ready for the change to 17th or is it just me being tight? New testers, Books, Possible refresher from 16th. the list goes on.
  12. There are other company's who can take this type of system over. As long as the panel is not leased.
  13. Contact the service provider and have the line marked as an Alarm line. This will eliminate testing by the exchange.
  14. Sapper Are you still employed with BT. If you are see if you can get a week with systems guys. I know its a bit different now CSEs are under Openreach to get any where but have a chat to your Level 1 or if he can be arsed level2 you never know. If that doesn't work see if some one will take you out on a few visits. To be honest like everyone else has said its the programing side that takes a bit of getting use to. Also get your networking skills up as many systems are going down the route of IP so it wouldn't hurt. Have a look at this link (I know its American) but at least you can get free manuals for a rough idea. http://www.wedophones.com/index.html Out of interest whats your patch.
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