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  1. Stuart Kearney Senior Software Engineer, SecurewareSolutions, Musselbrough www.securewaresolutions.co.uk These people are bringing out Tracker Pro very soon .... allegedly cheaper .....! Have seen the "prototype" and it looks ok.
  2. Yep sorry think you're right.... definately in the BS... can't find it in the eletrical regs.... which seems weird....!
  3. 1. Part P doesn't apply to the addition of a fused spur on to an existing ring circuit if outside of a bathroom, kitchen or "special location" so you don't need "Part P Qualifications" unless you are installing a new dedicated circuit. 2. You need to be competent to do the works, not necessarily a qualified electrician, but you will need a qualified knowledge of electrical installations and the ability to thoroughly check a circuit for safety and to be able to issue a minor works certificate. However the electrical regs do require all fixed electrical equipment to have a double pole means of isolation to allow safe working (there are a couple of mitigating circumstances such as the type electrical supply and earthing arrangement but..........) to keep it simple, I would always fit a fused spur with double pole secret key switch or similar. As Hpotter says... there are various firms around offering training......
  4. BS 5839 - 8 2008 There is also a BFPSA cop although I'm not sure its still up to date.
  5. but if you are able to get a copy then please put me on your christmas list and pass it on !! B)
  6. Hmmm I know our little lot in France caused quite a stir in the neighbourhood, if they had been hornets we were advised to call in the pompiers who are like fireman/emergency services who seem to deal with all sorts of "emergency" situations !
  7. Well it must be good stuff I keep dreaming about yours !!
  8. Opened my velux window in France in the summer to find dozens of wasps (or hornets.... didn't hang around to find out !) buzzing around my head, there was a smallish nest between the frame and the window. Quickly shut window and retreated.... Haven't seen it in England but went to shops and bought this can of stuff, bit like a CO2 extinguisher. Open window and do my Rambo impression, firing this stuff in every direction while screaming like a banshee with PMT. This stuff goes off like a rocket, absolute instant death in a can..... best stuff ever !!!!!!
  9. Yep they're the ones. They also have batteries in the loop sounders themselves from memory.....
  10. Hello,i am an ex menvier engineer,you dont need a manual they are really easy to use,if you want to add new devices(700 series)which are a problem to get hold of,you will nee to upgrade panel software.The chip you need is called a poo chip!no im not joking!menvier will charge you
  11. Bloody good luck to you. I sincerely hope it all works out for you. .........What's the worst that can happen... wife leaves you, lose the house, children never talk to you again, the dog chews up your shoes and you see out your days in a shelter drinking luke warm soup and we all have a wip round to pay for a new commode ..... Best wishes....!
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