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  1. linux mint is a ubuntu mod that is more popular than ubuntu,they take all the spyware an bulk out of ubuntu , anyway point is im sure its the same player which works fine i had just presumed it would not work as vlc didnt but i was wrong i shuda just tryed that 1st theres nowt wrong with the secware unit james im not putting the footage online but it looked fine on the pc good copy no frame drops that i noticed
  2. , ive got the videos to open in the default video player in linux mint . sorted wish id tryed that 1st vlc will not play them...
  3. not sure but whats that got to do with anything im just trying to play h.264 files coded on a linux dvr on a linux pc should not be hard but it is not working at them moment i can use the concept pro dvr files of the same footage but there lower res images really need to check this footage has copied to the usb stick thats all i also juggling lots of other stuff so its hectic maybe data , matt or james knows how?
  4. is matt ur ex ? dont turn this thread into another slangin match haha had little luck with handbrake to mutch bollo x trying kden live now ffs this is a pain in the **** tbh
  5. im temted to put the files on an windy software on a dongle an then fire up the old bug box an see if it works but no doubt it will say u need such an such codec an ile be pished off after years of sorting out windy hoes for friends an family i gave up on it an went linux only in 2009, if i ever have to dabble with windows it makes my flesh creep, its like going back an having sex with ur ex who you cant stand, makes part of me die inside ha
  6. hmm so take it there h.264 files? dvd handbrake has found them an encoded them but i havent found out how to use it properly yet ile have some grub an try an get it going but if all else fails i can borrow a windy laptop 2moro or dig out an old 1 ive got, i would have tried that already but its buggy an needing a reinstall an it would take me hours to get it safe enough to go online if that was needed
  7. ah good point .264 files on linux mint ive never heard of this file format tbh
  8. wine is **** will its really buggy with most stuff ive tried, i seen something about using a file convertor an kguard software might work on linux but not sure these boxes are linux based but they only seem to support outputing to windows an mac which to me seems daft
  9. got some video files on usb stick that need checking from the dvr not able to get hold of a windows machine for a few days but even so would be better if i could view on a linux pc should be the same for all secware dvrs, any ideas how i can play them? vlc wont play them
  10. wtf http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/chemical-attack-fears-birkenhead-residents-6728889 Hahaha!
  11. the picture is Ids Ian Druken Spliff, when i visit my elderly mother shes got the tv on all the time but its got her cctv on most of the time otherwise i end up going in the other room my hate for modern telly started with the adverts used to drive me up the wall as i said its utter garbage, id rather spend the time i used to watch tv doing stuff to keep the fat off if i do want to watch something i like theres plenty of stuff on Internet
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