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  1. think ive managed to sort it. Changed to option 10 fx / er and it seems to of done the trick
  2. Hey guys So i bite the bullet and installed a pyronix enforcer v10 which seems pretty decent so far. A few things im struggling with which i hope some one can help me out. ive got 4 pirs. ive set the front door to be an entry route and also the kitchen. When setting the alarm and walk in the house through the front door (havent tried the kitchen) when the pir picks you up it automatically sets the alarm off rather than waiting the entry time before setting off. Also ive tried to set the bell delay just incase of any false alarms but again this just goes off straight away.
  3. Hey guys Looking at putting a wireless alarm system in my house and just wondering what thoughts you've got on the pyronix enforcer system. I quite like the idea of being able to control it from an app aswell as adding wireless cameras as well. I fitted a scantoric ion 16 in my last house and although it worked quite well the pirs wasn't that responsive to movement. Hopefully things have improved since then it was a good 6 years ago now. Is there any alternative to the pyronix that offers the features i'm looking for ? Thanks
  4. ill let him know and see what he thinks although i know the answer already lol
  5. Hes only just upgraded his panel to the 9448 as hes old one went faulty and just decided to change it like for like with the newer model.
  6. Thanks for confirming that. Dam really as the 9427 are quite ugly. Is it the same case with the pirs or will any pir work?
  7. hey guys Looking for abit of advice. My dads got a scantronic 9448 with a built in keypad. He'd like to relocate the control panel and just have a keypad. Is there any other keypads compatible with the control panel other than the 9427 keypad. He likes the KEY-KP01 but unsure if this will work. Thanks
  8. Hey guys abit of an update Went to the control panel and was getting 4v between r- and positive. Went up to the bell box the lid was on OK took the lid off pressed the tamper in and nothing between r- and positive. Checked to see what was between red and black at the bell box nothing but as I was pressing the probes into the terminals the bell box started beeping and strobe was flickering ( strobes never been on before) played with the terminals abit and now it's working fine. When I connected the cables into the terminals they slightly spun round so this may be the problem but all working OK
  9. Just had a look at the instructions I used one in the panel labelled both in the bell box and panel r- which is the negative tamper return. Take this one out the terminal put multimeter on this and the 12v + to see if there's 12v there That sound right?
  10. I'll give that a go later when I pop round I basically fount a set of instructions on the Internet to connect the ag6 to the 700l and the keypad was like for like (just the newer model). Abit stumped if the keypads not compatible as there the same make just the newer model but has been working fine for the last week
  11. It was a whole 800l kit brand new that's been stored for a while came with pirs door contacts etc so seems genuine. Number 8 should be the zone but I'm sure when the lid was off the bell box it was lit. The 700l only has 7 zones. How would I test it at the control panel? Saves me getting the ladders off the van lol
  12. Hey guys looking for abit of advice. The mother in laws intelliisense 800l pcb had burnt out so managed to get a whole 800l kit off eBay brand new. Changed her pcb every worked fine. Now the sister in law has got a 700l. Keypad was abit worn out and the bell box doesn't work. So changed the bell box to a ag6 and the keypad to the newer 800l model. Did that on Saturday all was working fine till yesterday. Her alarms been going off when she's been at work came home and the number 8 is lit on the keypad and won't reset. I can't be 100% sure but im sure when I had the lid off the bell box numbe
  13. no worries thanks for the reply
  14. thanks for the reply. I've been reading the manual and it seems pretty straight forward but you know most things never seem to go to plan lol. Thought it was worth a try regarding getting rid of the contacts.
  15. hey guys Just introducing myself. Electrician here going to be instaling a scantronic ion 16 system in the next couple of weeks and think i may need abit of help some where down the line lol. Quick question am i allowed to sell on this site? got a couple of wireless door contacts that wont be needed. guys
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