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  1. I am hoping someone can help me out. I have not worked on many menvier systems and have been asked to install an extra keypad by the back door. The old ts590 is still in good working order and wondered if you can still buy keypads for it? or, do the newer cooper/eaton keypads work on the old systems? Thank you Simon
  2. Hi, I have been out of the cctv game for a while. I'm installing a 5 camera analog system connected to a hikvision dvr. Does anyone know of a good/cheap monitor I can install? Preferably 15 or 17" flat screen. Has anyone used psg before? Thanks
  3. Busta


    Hey Orion12, I worked for Chubb as an installer. Training was quite good from the Clifton Street branch in London. Anyway, good luck with the job!
  4. Busta


    Hello, I keep seeing the security installer website and thought i would finally join. The name is Simon and have been an electronic security engineer for about 15 years (grade 1 ). I recently left one of the big security companies to start installing for myself (only took 10 years to grow some balls and do it!)
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you run cat 5 for these cameras, or do you use the coax and BNC's? Are the 002's any good at night without lighting do you know? The reason i went for the 1002 was for the LED's as the house I am installing them in has no external lighting. I might buy a different DVR as no one seems to have any feedback on the PSG one. Any recommendations? Thank You
  6. Hi all, I am installing a 5 camera, DVR CCTV system. The client wants internet and smart phone access. I am thinking of getting these cameras http://psg-info.com/cameras/psg1002irw and this DVR http://psg-info.com/dvrs/8-channel-dvd/psg208. Has anyone used PSG cameras/DVRs before? are they any good? Are there any decent DVRs that anyone could recommend for about £500? Same goes for the Dome cameras.. about £130 each. I used to install Vista/samsung cameras and Dedicated Micro DVR's years ago. Are they still any good? Any help would be appreciated Si
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