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  1. Martin, I will check, could you send me a CV please, carl.meason@abelalarm.co.uk Carl
  2. Why not, Installation/Service Engineer in Newcastle and Sheffield too.
  3. In order to support Abel Alarm’s growth strategy, there are excellent opportunities for enthusiastic, resourceful and commercially minded candidates within our Fire and Security departments. 2 x Installation/Service engineers in the London area 2 x Reading Installation/Service engineers in the Reading area 2 x Trainee Installation/Service engineers in the Bournemouth area 1 x Salesman Birmingham area (Knowledgeable engineers welcome to apply) 1 x Salesman Sheffield area (Knowledgeable engineers welcome to apply) 1 x Salesman Reading area (Knowledgeable engineers welcome
  4. Do we give thoughtful technical consideration to the future when providing customers signalling? Digital communicators are becoming a less utilised method of alarm transmission thats true but do we need to give up on the Dinosaur? With manufactures developing more intuitive devices and offering additional added extras such as, Remote Maintenance, meaning you can omit 1 of your 2 maintenace vists, UPDL for remote diagnostics, visual verification for intruder and HUA without costly DVR's and the ability to integrate with other devices giving you added features to sell, should we see the
  5. Ha Ha Ha, I watch the history channel...fully qualified me, I will do it for..........175k will accept 170.
  6. Proberbly spent £100,000 collating the information too.
  7. Picking on the little guy, grow some balls HMRC
  8. Is an unregulated industry the future? Companies that operate outside the parameters of the BS & EN standards but attempt to offer services within its scope are on the increase...nothing new you say.... ...yes thats true, what is new though is that growing sympathy is swelling for the unregulated and possibly these companies are even seen as forward thinking by some rightly or wrongly, although this debate will certainly cause conflict it does raise an important issue of how and why these companies can offten operate and offer the same services as the regulated? ACPO are currently discu
  9. Test! This is why we have standards, rules and regulations. Was this product proved to be of a suitable state? Was the installer acredited in any way? If the answers are yes we have a problem. If the answers are no do we need to worry?
  10. Ask your lads to politely speak to your customer. I am sure most people would appreciate not all like to be subjected to second hand smoke they just do not realise how rude they are being. Its a simple balance exercise. How many occasions is this situation actually going to happen? (not many) Then factor in how many times its going to happen and when your guy asks them not to smoke around them how many will say they wont stop? (not many x2) If you get this far lose the custom or go yourself if too lucrative to lose (not many x3)
  11. Thanks for the welcome Matthew, Yes Peter I am, thanks for your Redcare vote.
  12. Its your work environment, the customer does not have a responsibility but your employer does.
  13. Im told some very good conversations on here, looking forward to contributing.
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