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The 'digicom Dinosaur'

Carl Meason


blog-0776983001362058466.jpgDo we give thoughtful technical consideration to the future when

providing customers signalling?

Digital communicators are becoming a less utilised method of alarm transmission

thats true but do we need to give up on the Dinosaur?

With manufactures developing more intuitive devices and offering additional added

extras such as, Remote Maintenance, meaning you can omit 1 of your 2 maintenace vists,

UPDL for remote diagnostics, visual verification for intruder and HUA without costly DVR's

and the ability to integrate with other devices giving you added features to sell, should we see

the end?

These added extras means the installer and/or ARC can tidy up the balance sheet and account for any added annual costs.

Easy sell to the customer too, saves on phone call charges and the customer has the ability if the so wished to save on a telephone line.

Many installers are steadfast in an approach of only processing 'futureproofed' technologies with a view for tomorrow but many continue to install this type of signalling and Digital communicators still makes up a significant percentage of

the UK's signalling estate.

For those still installing or maintaining this form of signalling could it be time for a review?

Do we continue until the switch is turned off?

Its a certain inevitability that this technology will be extinct in the future, but how near is this future? what is the realistic shelf life of the Digital Communicator?


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