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  1. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    1 expansion zone module for bus system alarm control panel, RS485 bus lines alarm control panel with LCD keypad programming, commercial and industry alarm security systems. We cooperate with security service, alarm installers by providing compatible alarm systems and security solution.

    © Vedard Security

  2. Provide burglar alarm systems, security monitor systems, home security kits, hotel security project, school security systems, motion sensors.
  3. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    Features of this alarm host: 1. 64 defense area: 8 wired, 24 wireless and 32 BUS zones. 2. 6 ways to arm and disarm the system: user code, keyfob, phone, SMS, auto timer, CMS 3. Alarm notification: When alarm occurs, user can have alarm notification by phone call, SMS 4. Can use without keypad 5. LED display on metal case, easier for user to check system information. 6. Supports 8 pcs LCD keypad and 8 wireless remotes. 7. Password: 1 installer code, 1 duress code, 15 user codes 8. CMS: 2 CMS follow me numbers, 1 account number 9. Voice Calling phone number: 4 voice numbers, voice pro

    © Vedard Security

  4. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    FC-7664 Telephone remote programming alarm host Security Service Remote Programming Alarm Control Panel 1. It is office or small business security monitored alarm control panel. 2. It supports remote programming via telephone with voice prompt. 3. 16 wired 24 wireless and 24 keypad zones or expansion bus zones. 4. 4 partition for independent control by assigned remotes, keypads and phone No. 5. Can connect with alarm linkage output. 6. With door bell zone function. 7. With zone module expansion of medical, fire, emergency etc. 8. Keypad zone name can be edited. 9. User code aut

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  5. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    Supply detailed security alarm installation guideline and quotation for security monitor, security installer.

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  6. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    Supply complete alarm systems and security equipment, burglar alarms and house alarms. Provide security solution and quotation for detailed security project. Products range from DIY home security kits to business security project, hotel security, school alarms, panic alarms, panic button.

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  7. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    Supply hotel security solution, bank video surveillance systems, school panic alarms, villa alarm systems, perimeter protection systems, infrared beams, motion sensor, heat sensor, glass breakage detector, vibration sensor, smoke detector.

    © Vedard Alarms

  8. From the album: Alarm Systems & Security Solutions

    Smart Home and office burglar & fire alarm systems with motion sensor, wireless siren, detector. Wholesale & Retail professional complete home protection device.

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