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  1. New address is @ port 10000
  2. Thanks guys for your help I spoke with them today and they have confirmed this and gave me the new server ip if your using push notifications. Also Had to default the panel to clear the reset issue tech support seemed to understand the issue.
  3. No the panel was new but on 3.14 firmware, spoke to honey well and they said the IP address for the arc notifications has changed so just waiting on the email, regarding the reset it’s doesn’t seem to have happened since last night but it’s been working fine for a while until this comms issue
  4. I know I knew I should have kept my old galaxy never missed a beat
  5. Randomly the panel restarted itself 3 times last night as well during the night, psu and battery are all ok
  6. That’s most likely what It will be any chance you would have this or know the new server ip, I have been searching google for about a week and can’t see anything, failing that I can call them tomorrow. thanks
  7. I installed it myself but do you know if the IP address has changed everything else is ok, my ddns has changed, internet connection is ok and dhcp reservation is still valid I’m not to concerned about the events but it’s the bleeping and the faint on the keypad, I have read a lot of your previous posts about this but can’t seem to clear it. For Honeywell’s server I meant
  8. I have a galaxy flex 20 in my house with a a083 comms board which was all ok until last week but I have a comms error now arc fail but I can still remotely connect via the Honeywell app, set and unset etc. I have tried a reset in menu 51 but it still comes back, hb fail com 1, comm fail arc and com fail rec 1 any ideas? thanks
  9. thanks galaxy guy but there is no sticker on the portal only stickers on the inside on the chips etc so not sure if they can identify it but i have a feeling that its a c077 because of the problems with the new devices, and i have been waiting on honeywell to reply via email for a week!!!
  10. hi, i am having some issues with a Honeywell portal c079(as far as i know), i bought some pirs which are the dominal series i think and a old style dodt 800gy-b contact which all worked fine first time but i have just bought 2x do800m contacts which i cannot get programmed onto the panel, i have read that the older c077 will not work with newer devices but the new one will and is backward compatible so is there any markings on the portal which indicate what version it is? dx
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