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  1. i have changed today the times to ring from 5 to 20 and i receve now no answer message any idea?
  2. hi i tried to connect with scantronic downloader to a 65en panel i used a syslink 56k pci modem when i dialled the panel i receved the message NO CARRIER i dialled the pc from panel and i made connection so whay is working one way and not the other? with my laptop with internal modem i managed to do connection both ways regards andy
  3. 4 downloads

    Fermax Bluetooth Stand Alone Access Manual.
  4. 10 downloads

    PAC Easikey Entry Systems
  5. 3 downloads

    12V Swing Gate Controller Installation Manual.
  6. 17 downloads

    RS232 pinout on the scantronic 9X5X local downloader cable
  7. hi good news scantronic finaly replay with an answer that make sense there is a faulty batch with serial no starting with A0........... problem solved they will replace all panels thank you for your responses
  8. thanks i will do the data on the last install and well wait thanks again
  9. used 12 core shilded cable 8 core for data and 4 core power for pirs
  10. we did separate power for pirs from aux output and doubled the cores for data scantronic recon that 50m is ok as long the data is doubled the amp is not exceding 300mA
  11. hi can anyone give me advice about installing euro mini or euro 46 instead of scantronic 9752 wich my boss dose not trust anymore the euro panels are more reliable ? more features? regardes andy
  12. thank you for the quick replay they are cabled star and the distance is unde 50m we have changed the cable with shilded alarm cable as the technicle recomanded but the same problem the power is from the panel but we used diferent power for pirs from aux the most pirs we have are 7 on one system regardes andy
  13. hi i have installed about 7 scantronic 9752 with expanders in 7 diferent locations all of them came randomly with the fault kp01 missing exp01 missing the only way to reseted was to disconnect the battery and power we changed the panels with replacemnts send by scantronic but same fauls came up after a while we have installed many other scantronic panels but this 7 cose us such a greef scantronic technicles said that are site conditions and install spike suppresors witch we did but with no luck das anyone know what can be the problem? thank you andy
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