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  1. None of your business why I am not a director There is a director and I am a share holder nothing illegal in that at all. SSAIB are completely happy with our business setup
  2. Jesus does it really matter how I run my business. I employee people to worry about all that for me I am interested in the installation and being with the customers. The running of my business is not the question here
  3. I ain't got a clue how many customer we got as I don't do office related stuff anymore I am too busy on the road doing installs so cannot answer that question sorry. That's why I employee office staff now
  4. Yes the customer stores the images too but our station also records what they are seeing and emails it to us so is that not storing to the cloud in a sense. Just to clarify the station does not remote onto our customers DVR at any point to pull of images
  5. It is not very true but is it not in a sense Alarm activate - remote station gets an image and takes over viewing and records what they are seeing on there servers and emails that video over to us (all via the customers internet)
  6. Jut a note we have been going 4 years now and find doing a good job for your customer gets you the work. We have done leaflets, local paper, radio, email marketing, door to doors spent more than I care to remember. Good old recommendations, business networking is the best Oh and spend the money on your website, google!
  7. We do cloud systems in the way of remotely viewing but not storing remotely as said before too much to go wrong with third party people. If they want recording back up we use a monitoring station!
  8. well a little update! Replace control panel, keypad, and cable between control panel & keypad still same issues. Now this keypad is only 2 meters away from control panel replaced the cable with a shielded cable as Texecom said it could be environmental and bang 6 weeks without an issue.
  9. Afternoon All, Taken over a site with 3 AlienMax DVR's and have spoken to SystemQ who talked me through the ports and set this all up. They sent me to a webstie and have given me a serial key for a max of 5 users to register. Just at home testing it and doing a write up for the customers to install and use it but I have installed "CCTV WINDOW" and it comes up with a user login window with a drop down as admin for the user but I ain't got a clue what the password is tried common ones. Anyone know what this is?
  10. No expanded just 1 keypad Excuse the spelling iPad thinks it knows best
  11. Having a real scratch head moment with this. Defaulted panel New keypad New wire New panel All in the above order and still getting same error from time to time. Any ideas?
  12. Wix do it yourself Wix.com I ment
  13. we use amphis customer which is £99 a user license and is really good.
  14. yeah that's what I been using too. What do you use for you maintenance ones?
  15. Morning All, Does anyone have a template of the following: CCTV system design proposal? CCTV maintenance Form? Just want to see what others do see if I am missing anything out at all.
  16. We had our inspection last week need to tidy a few paper things and get 2 sites 1 alarm 1 CCTV site complete with paper work from start to finish for him to audit. He said for 1st visit we have a lot already in place and he was pleased to see this. He has audited 3 sites 2 alarms & 1 CCTV already and was pleased with our work and installations. He is coming back 12th July
  17. knew it would not take long for the margaret thatcher to come into it! More than happy to adopt that name LOL
  18. it is working now. For some strange reason (I did clear my temp internet files out) Also is there a change of changing my name to "richard.thatcher" as HertsCCTV was my old name and don't want to use my new company name.
  19. has this been done? obviously not if I cannot access still but thought I would ask in-case it slipped someone's mind. Richard
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