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  1. I use the EnGenius 202 on sites the world over and never had an issue with them - great bit of kit.
  2. Just needs to be reliable. **** - that was quick Cubit!!
  3. Thanks OXO, doing really good and looking forward to the new year - I hope you are too. I forgot about the ION range but I have a fair amount of experience with the older Comelit range - never had any dramas with them!! IP intercoms sound like a good plan and won't tie me into a cell contract
  4. Hi Gents, Long-time no speak, I trust you are all well and had a great Christmas and looking forward to a busy new year. I have been out of the loop with new products for the last few years due to being ex Chubb and working on other security projects. I am moving house and need a few questions answered, the house is fairly large and has just been refurbished and I am looking for a wireless alarm so I am not chasing wall's etc. 1. I have electric gates and I am looking for an intercom that is capable of calling a mobile phone but is landline based - not a SIM based GSM system. 2. A wireless intruder alarm that can also accept hard wired circuits - beams etc, and also have some sort of web interface that allows me via an app? to switch relays - turn lights on/ off, open garage door, gates etc. I have looked at the new Visonic systems and they seem to offer this? Or is there something better? 3. Is there a system that anyone knows of that can I can integrate a landline based intercom with an intruder alarm and have a web interface for switching, arming/ disarming etc? Please enjoy my diagram! Thanks.
  5. Oxford


    Blackberry crumble for pudding.
  6. Oxford


    What did one blackberry say to the other blackberry? Nothing.
  7. No. 16 circuits max, either wired or wireless or both.
  8. All keypads compatible with all guardall range but the mini is sh!t - it's a real struggle to reset using it.
  9. We use O2 3G cards in our GPS tracking devices (for the golf carts) but if for whatever reason there is no O2 coverage in the area the GPRS can't report the carts location back to our servers.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a sim card that is not tied to any network but will utilise the strongest network coverage in the area it is located at the time? Needs to be data only though.
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