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Professional two way radio survey - Security and surveillance

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I am currently carrying out a survey to gather data about professional two-way radios and I hope you can help. Two-way radios are useful management tools and are used in several business and industrial sectors for communication and organization especially for security and surveillance. It is also a market that has grown by at least 1% a year since 2009 and is expected to grow even further by 2020.

As these products get more mission critical, sophisticated and pricey, it is important that we have cheap and effective ways of keeping them out of harm's way. 
The survey aims to find out trends on current two-way radio usage, current methods of radio protection used and if two-way radio customers care about the state of their equipment.

A link to the survey is attached below 
It would be very helpful if you participated. It is short and will only take 5 mins to complete.
Also, tell me what you think about the survey when you are done!


[Link Removed]


Thank you.

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I am amazed that this sector is in any kind of meaningful growth.


Rightly or wrongly even the emergency services are swapping true, dedicated radio for cellular based comms.

Whether it will come online next year is another matter... EE have a hell of a lot of work to do in this area alone if they aren't going to allow roaming.


Here is a good article - http://www.tetra-applications.com/30005/weblog/

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