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  1. Euro 46 control panel question

    Agree six wheel, nothing worse than 10 door contacts on one zone....Maybe 11 contacts..
  2. Wireless Detection

    Evening gents I'm looking to add some wireless detectors onto RF RIO on my brothers alarm system... one snag.. he has two cats. I have always found a way to bypass dogs setting alarms off but not cats.. is there anything else to try? I've always used BOSCH Blue line detectors.. I think the only conceivable option is to restrict the cats. Shut them in one room and allow the alarm to carry out its job. As a trial i will leave them on soak test first anyway so i'll know if i'll be facing any issues this way
  3. Accenta G3

    t They had zone 4 in the hallway acting as a Exit pir... but of course zone 4 is seen as immediate by the panel is it not? So on these older G3's I'm guessing you can't change the zone type manually?
  4. Accenta G3

    might very well do.. right nightmare trying to programme only of LED's
  5. Accenta G3

    Regarding a Accenta G3..When altering the three programming suites 1,2 & 3 how do you select zone type immediate for a sensor? Say I want zone 4 to have a zone type of immediate how do I change this? I know if i need i can turn on entry deviate in Flag B menu. Their system was set up so that ZONE 1 WAS TIMED ZONE 2 WAS TIME INHIBIT ZONE 3 WAS IMMEDIATE... zone 4 is the E/E pit by the front door but under Program 1 zones 3-8 to set are set as immediate??? Can the function be changed... or would i just have to swap the zones in the panel (so that zone 4 e/e would now be zone 2 timed inhibit) thanks gents
  6. Security Products

    I was after one Acti.. but tell me more yeti.. what do you want for it?
  7. Security Products

    Evening gents I appreciate we are all in the trade and therefor competitors.. but i was just wondering do you guys know where I can get Hikvision IP cameras/NVR's for cheaper than joe public?? I'm in the birmingham area so i have suppliers like ADI, traders warehouse & enterprise security close by. Specifically what i'm after is a decoder by Acti which usually retails about 350 quid?! Any of you know where i can get that a tad cheaper?
  8. Apollo 65 SD on Galaxy

    I'm going for a similar set up to yourself.. just wired in a RF portal, want to put a radio device on that as well as have a separate AICO base wired.
  9. Accenta G3

    That was my only theory behind the fault..Tamper was still present with PA, GLOBAL & BELL linked out as soon as i linked out RKP away it went.. remove keypad to find everything in order. Strange one, but it has been fine ever since.
  10. Apollo 65 SD on Galaxy

    Is this off a galaxy panel?
  11. Accenta G3

    Was a keypad tamper, just miraculously after 17odd years surfaced. Job sorted
  12. Quick hello

    Birmingham service department I presume?
  13. Accenta G3

    Only thing it could be.. is a keypad tamper as i've yet to link it out.. Certainly strange that i would have been sitting there since 2000 problem free then one day suddenly decides to tamper (unless cable damage of course)
  14. Accenta G3

    Had a look at my neighbours alarm for her tonight, she claimed one day it just started going off (External sounder). Eventually she got her hubby to take the POS off the sounder. I came round this evening to find the keypad in lockout because of a present tamper on the system. I've linked out the global tamper and also the bell tamper and still the system see's tamper. Battery was even changed for a new unit, so a flat battery is discounted. The only thing I haven't done is linked out the remote keypad tamper.. All fuses (bell,battery,AUX) are okay. All lids on correctly. Also tried power down... Look like the Accenta may have given up the ghost? Also... do Honeywell even offer tech support on the Accenta now? Seems they just do Dimension, domonial or intellisense?
  15. Apollo 65 SD on Galaxy

    HKC ones are not that bad.. I'm sure they would also save my life