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  1. Hi Datadiffusion, thanks for getting back to me, forgot to say there POE also. Hi al-yeti I have 100% seen this used on CCTV but never used it for that myself
  2. hi all. I'm after some advice about cabling for relocating 2x 16 ch DVRs, the cameras are connected via balun using cat5 cable. the dvrs are getting relocated to another room but I need to extend all 32 cat5 cables and was wanting to know if there was another way other than running 32 cat5 to new location. in the past I have seen the below cable used, Is it any good?
  3. Its the panel at fault. Zone 1 had a fault last week and could not find any issue with the circuit. I then move the circuit to zone 4 that was spare and all was well. I then put a EOL on zone 1 and it still showed as fault. Now zone 2 has done the same.
  4. Current detectors are jsb
  5. Hi all. Got a faulty adt fire panel which I need to find a compatible replacement for. Could any of you suggest a replacement 4 zone panel? Thanks Dan
  6. thanks guys, any model?
  7. Hi Guys, Hope your all well. Wanting some advice on some pendents for an alarm system. Story is customer works at a pub where they have to walk about 150 meters across the car park to lock the gates at night and there wanting a pentent that they can take with them when they go to lock the gates at night to trigger the PA alarm on the system and alart other staff to any problems. The alarm is a castle care tech which is using ID. Any ideas whould be very welcome as I would like to use a pendent and receiver that has been tried and tested by yourselfs. Thanks Dan
  8. hi all can any of you tell me how to programme these remotes into a G/D 96. already hads 1 of these fobs programmed into the system but I cant get the new one to link up. I have got to the stage where system is waiting for the fob to link but not sure what buttons to hold down on the remote, Thanks
  9. wasn't they around £30 for back of 10? now over £80
  10. Hi all. is it me or have the price of these gone stupid? I know castle have stopped doing the ID data line on there new panels but in need of some biscuits but its mad prices there selling for.
  11. thanks ChrisMurphy will look into it
  12. hi all. got a customer who is wanted a security system which has a touch screen, only one that comes to mind is honeywell GD, do any of you guys have any ideas on another system? Thanks Dan
  13. looking at the spec for the interface it looks like its set to 9600
  14. was asking as I have been asked to look at a DM2060 PTZ which is using a BBV CTI/1 coax telemetry interface. there is 3 of these cameras and the other 2 work fine but this one will not respond to any commands. the cable is RG59, picture is clear, think the cable is over 250 meters but there is about 30 meters of the cable in the building so was thinking of moving the interface to the point just before the cable gose under ground. any view or ideas from you guys would be a big help.
  15. sorry for the spelling.