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The content of the delightful Rebecca's emails are available to anyone who wishes to see the true colours of this vile, abusive, one woman band. As always everyone can use who they wish, but I certainly wouldn't be recommending this individual to promote my businesses to anyone and the fact she claims "AREC" association, which she clearly doesn't have (check their register, and again REC have emailed to confirm this non association).

Her unsupported claims of having "made a small fortune" also make for interesting viewing on companycheck.co.uk , clearly the wealthiest woman in Poundland by a mile.


Threats from this individual of how she will "ruin my business, but better" to quote from her email I think just about says it all ladies and gentlemen.


Another one for the wall of shame #SecurityFireRecruitment


CCTV Intruder Access Control

Tony Hughes, Proprietor,


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