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Hi there people,

I'm a little stuck with wiring the contacts (Honeywell Surface Contact) on a system i'm putting in. I have all the PIRs (Pyronix KX15DQs) up and running and the rest of the system (Avanti XP with LCD RKP) seems fine. The problem i'm having is understanding how to wire a contact. I know the sensors are working on 2 resistors (operated by pin jumpers in the PIR) at 2k2 each. How would this translate to a door contact? Each Sensor (PIR and Contact) has it's own dedicated cable run in 8 Core. I know the contacts have to have an EOLR but does it have to be SEOLR or DEOLR and how would you wire either of these configurations?

I have attached a picture of the contacts I am using so you know what i'm waffling on about.

Thank you in advance for your time and I hope you can help me out of a fix.

Tim Cooper


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