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Guest Deterathief

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Guest Deterathief

Based on the volume of enquiries we receive daily, we have added a "register of engineers" to our web site. Those of you who want to earn a buck, should make contact with us. (Inc details etc) See example at http://www.deterathief.com. (Click on National Engineer Register in index panel - bottom)(Email addy on most pages) Costs nothing to be included.

(But can't guarantee that you will get work from it - it's the luck of the draw)

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Hmmmmmmmmm :o

This forum is Supposed to be for Job Requests and Vacancies.

Doesnt seem to me from your site that your actually offering any. icon14.gif

In your National Register of Alarm Engineers are you actively checking each persons suitability to actually do these installations, are they supplying any references ? are they 1 man companies or employes of larger firms looking for a fast buck, and do they have the necessary liability insurance ? or is anyone who says they can install being listed.



Dave Partridge (Romec Service Engineer)

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