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  1. Looking for engineer in Scarborough area To carry out weekly building safety check (Wednesday Mornings approx 2hrs) every week. No manual work to be carried out during check - Internet access to our on-line record Buildingtrax system Fire Alarm weekly test Health and safety checks Please email fm@smith-group.com
  2. I must admit i am confused - I have always been under the impression that datonte' door hold units should release as fail safe if there is a fault on the fire alarm system, Being connected to control output signal only, not alarm signal, as all interface should be, or have BS: Standards been relaxed. Also localised detection should installed either side of a door that has devices fitted ?
  3. HOW MANY ENGINEERS HAVE TAKEN THE TEST Your simple answers Electrotechnical Certification - Answers
  4. We have an opportunity for a Technical Engineer to assist in Design/Costing/Advising to our Contract Management Team. Working with all depts of our company CCTV/ACCESS/FIRE issues. Based from Preston office with national traveling To advise the team ! Organising projects with turn key Mechnical/Electrical Contracts Worth a Chat then PM:
  5. Available to thrid party contractors See attachment .pps file BSMS___Presentation.pps
  6. Telescopic Ladder - ladder in a bag Special Ladders - Good for low level installs
  7. Been on Operation Taboo Speed Awareness course today Has anybody been on it - Yes (94mph on M4 - Naughty Boy) But aside from being a bad lad. I congratulate Somerset & Avon Police for taking a sensible attitude towards educating drivers rather than points and financial penalties. Having just spent a fortune on private driving safety courses for our drivers and not really gaining much. I am considering asking if I can send all my staff on the course. well worth the
  8. Chris Does your last post mean you set up netport with EMCS
  9. I would consider setting up systems via EMCS Netport this gives you full web access to site reports etc Used this for a few years and its good http://www.emcs.co.uk/contact.asp
  10. Sorry but whilst having a go at the installers for bad location consider the installation of screens to be an after thought. (What came first the chicken or the egg). The main question on this typical leisure installation is ( its good to talk ) Liasion with all parties is now part of installation requirements - but this does not always happen. Maybe the Fire alarm installers are being sensible and waiting for a contractual instruction. Does this mean its there fault - who is paying for additional work etc. The alarm may well of been in place prior to the installation of addional screens. Easy to have a go without the facts. One should always consider the history !
  11. The reason I get pulled is font & italics I've had it dropped every time upto now check this out The DVLA Computor prints all 4's as an open font the only computor i have ever seen do that - it clearly says on the registration form that you can't deviate from the registration document - therefore every closed 4 is illegal. It is impossible to match the font shown on the registration document
  12. Been to court so many times with this love taking them on
  13. Looked at this sometime ago. http://www.thebarcodewarehouse.co.uk Decided not cost effective --------------------------------- Use bar code reading and programming system on our protec systems - works well but can get silly keeping upto date with changes on sites Smith Group ukltd E: shoggy@smith-group.com W: www.smith-group.com BSMS: www.buildingsafety.co.uk
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