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  1. Looking for engineer in Scarborough area To carry out weekly building safety check (Wednesday Mornings approx 2hrs) every week. No manual work to be carried out during check - Internet access to our on-line record Buildingtrax system Fire Alarm weekly test Health and safety checks Please email fm@smith-group.com
  2. MIGHT BE A BIT LONG THIS - BUT YOU STARTED IT !. Not sure what to call this ? I bought a New House off plan that was going to be the first house ( Showhouse ). However did a deal prior to any work being done on the greenfield site. Build went well - moved in - for two years I put up with site visitors keep on walking in thinking it was the showhouse - But Hey ! - That type of living visitor i can put up with. The estate was built and eventually the real showhouse was sold when the site was finished. During the project I had noticed that one window on the showhouse was always getting crac
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