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  1. A bit different to the usual cloud issues. Enforcer panel has been installed since November and not missed a beat during that time. Had a power cut a week ago and the enforcer lost connection to the router and cannot reconnect. Checked all the settings on the router, and they're all ok. I've tried setting up the panel again, and this is where it gets unusual. Go into comms menu, select setup with device, my phone can see the enforcer ssid. Connect phone to enforcer, open browser and type in the normal The phone tries to load the page, and then the panel drops the wifi connection and stops transmitting the ssid. I have to come all the way out of the menu, and go back in to start again. It happens every time. Edit to add: I have turned off the enforcer, and back on again. I don't want to have to do a clean start unless I have to. Any suggestions? Thanks
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