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  1. I was looking for something along those lines for myself and found a 12v 2 channel arduino relay online at the link below , It has a jumper for high or low level trigger with a trigger current of 5mA there are 4 ,8, and 12 way boards also if you need more outputs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-12V-2-Channel-Relay-Module-with-Optocoupler-H-L-Level-Triger-for-Arduino-E1W9/123316846044?epid=2215872635&hash=item1cb641bddc:g:TrwAAOSwAwtbdrUF
  2. Hi Galaxy Guy , I have a flex 50  v 3.37 with an EO83-001 ethernet module fitted , the Honeywell GX app is working fine ,I have tried to connect with your self mon app but it connects for around 15 seconds then disconnects after 2 or 3 attempts it shows Login Failed , any ideas ?


    Thanks James

    1. GalaxyGuy


      If you've forced Honeywell's encryption or ring back, then this will happen.

    2. emmalaur


      Thanks ,i do have encryption on but not ringback i will disable and give it another go 

      Thanks again


    3. emmalaur


      I have disabled encryption ,same again connected for 30 seconds then kicked out and cant reconnect 

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