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  1. New detectors are a win, happy with the results and our customer is too. Just need her to pay now On a plus not my efficacy cover is safe lol
  2. It was the Orisec covert wire free shocks, we had new ones delivered today. One of our engineers has them on his work load for this afternoon. The original ones were fine unless fitted to a door jam or close to a wall, even when set up for concrete they just would not trip (the theory is the harder the surface the less shock needed to trip them) we have been installing these for a while but the new standards had made it hard for us to convince the customer that they were OK. Orisec have added a further 2 settings to cover our needs, I'll let you know how they are.
  3. I had a one on one with the developers and MD from my suppliers and I'm happy with their explanation and the fix that they have now in place. They have added a further 2 lower sensitivity settings allowing me to set detectors up for all eventualities. Replacement devices have been dispatched and should be with me by Monday. Happy days
  4. Had a job today where the shocks just would not do their job there were 8 installed and only half were acceptable. We had to knock some of the buggers off the windows to get them to trip. Apparently the new standards have changed and in turn the minimum sensitivity has increased, gone are the days when a tap with a driver would work on walk testing. Min setting was 0.14 now 0.40 (not sure what they measure in) Wire free and set to absolute minimum. Anyone else had issues lately ?
  5. Evening Peter, I presume you got my message ? It's showing as read. Thanks:)
  6. Moved over to Orisec, I've been about a while and have used many other brands and to be fair Texecom could have provided all I need but I looked at Orisec and loved it from the off. They are a UK manufacturer and employer plus some how they have been smart enough to dodge the issues with chip and other component supply. I should have minimal trouble getting kit on time and they are 20 mins drive from our office. Incidentally the MD of Orisec was the owner of Texecom, nice bloke too
  7. They are local to me so I can drop in and collect bits of kit, the whole range works within its self. We "being domestic house bashers" use mostly wireless now but I can upgrade any system with same line of kit and still offer wire free options if required. The apps a bit basic but does a job. I have to say is good looking and practical kit and the MD is a very nice bloke.
  8. Commpact from Risco, cheap but did a fair job on the domestics. Easy to use, only trouble was tamper issues as batteries came due for swapping. I did find their app was very good.
  9. Your not wrong, it was a natural progression on from the gardtec gear. Goes to show that sticking with the same brand is not always a good thing. Were on Orisec now as its UK manufactured and close to us, good kit too.
  10. Any one tried the Orisec wire free kit ? We moved to Orisec last year when our then current supplier decided to pull all the lines we used and left us high n dry. 20 installs later and I have to say its better than most other stuff we've looked at and tried. Free App that our customers love too.
  11. Re the CPX Risco have now reduced significantly their product range to the point that after almost 30 years with the brand we have moved off to pastures new. The CP8 and CPX have been removed and replacements can not be sourced, they are incidentally still supplying the detectors as they are used on other items in the Risco range. They have also removed from the shelves the Commpact system and many of their external sounders (We had over 50 printed covers for one unit that have now been skipped as useless) Re the engineer codes, there is an option the reset codes provided they are not locked your engineer should know how to do this (if he's worth his salt).
  12. Look forward to access to the trade section
  13. I need bringing into 2022 or at least my customer database does. I've been using a Microsoft access data base for well over 20 years, were a family business (Father and Son) and not accredited so don't need the likes of Alarm master. We looked at Job Logic but it seems they are trying to hard and as such are not pushing the right buttons for me. Everything and everyone want's there two pounds of flesh by offering the world then slapping charges on for cloud services, I don't mind paying so long as it works for us. We had a specialist company quote for a dedicated solution but £1.500.00 plus £60 a month was a bit heavy £££ Almost all our work is domestic. Does anyone have anything we could have a look at ?
  14. Hello everyone My introduction. Been in the electronic security industry for decades, most of what we do is domestic but have but have been employed or subbied in the past on commercial alarms, fire and huge monitored CCTV jobs. NW based and now run my own business house bashing and finishing by lunch where ever I can. Wrong side of 50 to be doing a full week Short but sweet Slick
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