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  1. Fundamental question - for most Sounders in Wireless systems - does the Panel signal the Sounder using 433 / 866 or simply uses the DC feed itself from the Panel (which I presume is hardly likely). If the DC is purely for power then how about I install suitable SMPS in attic to convert Attic Mains to provide the DC. Then I can forget about being restricted to "Mains Supplied Sounders". So any recommendations for Professional Wireless System that might be possible for DIY installation thanks for comments to date
  2. Thanks for confirming my doubt about a Solar Sounder. I am certainly not a pro but I studied electrical engineering yonks ago. My house has been revamped; new windows / doors, new plaster new and paint. Hence reluctance and difficulty running wires from Panel to Attic / Sounder. Mains is present in Attic and it would be great to use that in a Sounder. Wireless Mains Powered External Sounder : I have found such a Sounder online : Visonic 0-101608 MCS-730 Wireless Mains Powered External Sounder, Two-way, Fully Wireless Outdoor Siren. The MCS-730 AC comes complete with a 9V AC transformer, being mains powered the sounder offers increased time between battery changes. Very good outdoor rating IP55. 2 diversity antenna. Could this meet with my requirement of fully wireless detectors and wireless 2 way signalling in Sounder with Mains supply - easily available in attic. Question is to select the remaining system. In Which magazine, Visonic systems do not get a great review. What I want is Good quality alarm system for a standard 3 bed 2 storey S/D (~90m2) - Wireless detectors and Mains power Sounder as described. Non subscription app for control. DIY installation possible. Is it permitted for this community to make specific recommendations. If not can anyone make suggestions about where or what to search for. Thanks a lot .
  3. Thanks for very quick response. I am certainly Non Professional aspiring to junior Alarm DIY Status. I was thinking of buying Sounder first as now builder will install into External Insulation and then I can take leisure to purchase the System. Hence query on compatibility. Should one buy a skeleton system initially and then expand. First can I check my understanding of WIRELESS. It would appear that the term can be applied to both the Power Supply and of course Signalling to Sounder. When you say "Completely Wireless" that means Both Power and Signalling both supplied without wiring. You mention SMPS. Do I understand correctly : Mains to SMPS then take 12V DC to PCB in Control Panel. Now option exists of powering Sounder with 12V by wire to CP, or batteries or Solar. Are SMPS integrated into CPs or are the separate units. My house revamped and redecorated so challenging to now install wiring from CP to Attic. Does 868 have a drawback in that less penetration of higher frequencies. Is Solar adequate - as in my case direct light for say 4 - 5 hours . Then would system be at risk of false alarms etc due to low Sounder power ? Thanks so much - I am learning already - never knew about SMPS until now - was thinking of simple plug-in mains !
  4. This is my first post. I want to make very basic inquiries about Wireless Alarm Systems which I can not find addressed elsewhere. Hope this is not too basic. All Wireless Alarms and Sounders that I can find appear to use DC power. But how is that supplied. I am concerned about Fire Risk if an AC adaptor is used in the Attic. Is it possible to source a Sounder for a Wireless System that is powered by Mains (with 12v battery back up - as in my previous home with a Wired system). Batteries : some seem to use common batteries - which then have to be maintained and changed on a regular basis. I have external insulation do not want to damage by frequently using a ladder to access the Sounder. Others emply Solar power but is this adequate where - again in my setup - the house is in a terrace and the Sounder will face due East and be tucked under to eaves. It would be essential to have proper weather protection such as IP65 but I have never seen this specified. Finally, will Sounders work with different makes of systems - once the signalling is using the same frequency (eg 433MHz). Can one determine from the specifications if Sounder and Alarm are compatible. Solar might be a problem as house faces East and Box will be under eaves
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