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  1. Going by the above, it looks like there is no longer any 9V battery interconnected hardwired systems anymore, pity. So its either wi-fi or hardwired 240V systems or stuff this new law. I will leave it at that thanks,
  2. Hello PeterJames, can you give me a website link that shows me and particularly my wife, that the wireless smoke detectors do not transmit all the time and instead only transmit wireless when activated. This would help alleviate my wife's worry about wireless transmitting all the time in a room.
  3. Hello guys, there is a new Scottish law on having interconnected fire alarms in all houses come February next year. Interconnected seems to mean a wireless system nowadays. My wife hates wi-fi equipment and refuses to have that, and I was wondering if any companies still do interconnection by thin cable between detectors, using 9V battery operated smoke detectors and 9V battery heat detector (kitchen). These used to be around in the 1990's as I installed them before in another house, but can only find wireless type now. I would not mind wiring up 3 smoke detectors and one heat detector with cable. But do not want a 240V AC system , just 9V batteries in each detector with an auxiliary contact in each to get all bells operating at the same time. If you could point me to any companies that still do these systems that would be really good,thanks. PS...Scotland is the first to do this, but i think the rest of the UK will follow, and it is us houseowners that have to pay for it, Grrh!
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