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  1. Thanks, 6Wheel. Both devices quoted above can be programmed to send test alerts routinely, at varying intervals, and same with CCTV we've been looking at.
  2. Thanks, al-yeti - I looked at the eBay device, but it doesn't have as many programmable features as either of the two auto-diallers in the original post, and I guess the cost reflects that. James.wilson - I understand that using GSM is unlikely to be as reliable as landlines, but my thinking was that the auto-dialler in the original post would have one SIM card, and there would be a separate card in the Huawei router which would support additional CCTV (plus a weather station), and provide a back-up warning to an intruder. If the cards were with separate providers, then it's unlikely both would fail at the same time, so fail-safe? Both the auto-diallers above have several additional features, and I'm not clear why they would need a separate control panel. I'm just an amateur, and I realise that I'm going to need an installer who's familiar with GSM auto-diallers, to go through the options with us. The property is situated in the BN7 postcode, so would appreciate a professional making contact ( two warehouse/hangars, one needing CCTV/alarm, the other external CCTV monitoring).
  3. There are several GSM speech and text auto-diallers available. One model is the Menvier SD3, with 8 Trigger inputs and 4 outputs plus 10 alert contacts. Can any user familiar with this device inform me whether one can configure a Trigger input (say PIR) to switch on an alarm (or siren, or light etc.) in addition to sending an alert? Specs are here: https://bit.ly/3lUH5bJ A similar auto-dialler is here: https://bit.ly/3iw1vWa with less inputs. We're only interested in GSM devices, as landline isn't available. We've spent a month researching auto-diallers, and have been continually told by installers that they have to have utilise a copper landline, which these devices don't.
  4. My original question was "Is there any way that we can switch off the Accenta via an internet solution?" The answer appears to be No. Many thanks for all the friendly help.
  5. Yup - but can't put my hang in my pocket for north of £6k
  6. Even if we can solve the false warnings, and the system is running OK, we will still need to switch off the system remotely.
  7. That makes sense. If anyone has a compatible panel to the Accenta, I'd appreciate the info. We're trying to secure a steel-panelled hangar, and requirements are different from a domestic setup (remote situation, exposure to elements etc.)
  8. Thanks, guys When you mention an upgrade or new panel, for an app, I assume that's a completely new setup? In other words, there's no upgrade path to the existing Accenta kit?
  9. We have an Accenta Gen 4 installation on a remote site. Nuisance warnings are annoying neighbours when we're not present. We can check whether a false warning for an intruder using CCTV. Is there any way that we can switch off the Accenta via an internet solution?
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