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  1. Hello I'm hoping some kind person on here can help me. I'm a sparky with a decent, but not brilliant, knowledge of alarms. I've been roped into a little alarm job for a regular customer. I've tried to read up on the issue but have got completely stuck. My customer has a Galaxy 2-20, it has 2 smoke detectors branded as Thorn SGU601 (but I believe the SGU601 was also made under other brand names including Microtech). I want to replace the smoke detectors with new but I can't get hold of the SGU601 so I'm proposing to fit Texecom Exodus detectors. The existing detectors have 5 terminals as follows: M (monitor), R (return), L (0v), L1 (12v) and L2 (not sure what this is - 12v out?). It is currently wired with 2 resistors as per the manufacturers instructions - see the diagram below. How would this translate to the Texecom smoke detector which has terminals for monitor, return, 0v and 12v, tamper in and tamper out? Secondary question - is it possible to add additional detectors on the same zone, and if so how? Thanks in advance to you awesome alarm engineers
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