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  1. There is no tamper loop included. I've drawn a schematic of how it's set up below. As far as I understand, a tamper would only show if it went open circuit, which is impossible, as even if you sliced straight through the cable, you'd then get a resistance of 6k9, which the panel just sees as a door being open.
  2. Hi. I'm trying to diagnose what is causing an ongoing tamper fault with a Menvier 30 system. Once every few days, one of the zones very briefly goes into a tamper state, then returns to normal. The zone comprises of three door contacts wired in series. The confusing thing is that there is no separate tamper circuit involved. Both 2K2 and 4K7 resistors are located inside the panel, and there is only one pair of wires in use. Am I looking at a panel fault here, or could there possibly be other issues such as induced voltage on the conductors that I need to look at? Thanks.
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