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  1. The voltage at the connector is 1.2 volts Yes the battery powers up the panel. Do you think this voltage is correct? When I got the the low CPU battery fault my battery was charged up at 7.3 volts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
  2. Appreciate your input. I`ll give a update when I get a chance to further troubleshoot.



  3. Appreciate the reply. The system has been set up for the last 10 years with a 7.2 DC battery pack and a 9 volt AC transformer. Took your advise and checked the battery connector on the CPU with transformer power on. Found no voltage. Should there be voltage without a battery draw? Could transformer be bad even though output voltage is 10.3 volts ? What can I check if something is blown? Thanks for your input. Appreciated Joe
  4. Can anybody tell me why I have a CPU low battery fault on my Visonic Powermax Plus. My old battery was one year old and voltage checked good.7.3 volts. My transformer checked good putting out 10.3 volts. Decided to try new battery. One week later CPU low battery fault came back. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Joe Bay City, MI
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